Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glue Stick Crayons

So now that most of us are confined to the house these wet fall days, what's better than some great indoor arts 'n crafts?!

Since I'm now kinda addicted to Pinterest there are so many great things over there I'm loving to find, try and put my spin on.  This idea I found at Infarrantly Creative.

Basically, the only two things you need are broken crayons and empty glue stick containers. The first are easy to come by (in my house at least), the second, not as much.  So all you school teachers I know...send your empty glue stick containers my way! :-)

First order of business - divide your crayons into general color groups.

Now, you can be as specific or as general as you want, depending on the number of empty glue sticks you have and the number of crayons of any specific color you have.

I would stick to one color per stick though.  I know swirly colored crayons are all the rage, but with this you're not going to get swirly, you're going to get brown...ish.

Since I had exactly 2 empty glue sticks I made 2 crayons. My kids favorite colors.  Note: both bowls had enough wax to fill the sticks and then dump just as much on the counter.

Melt the wax and pour into the glue stick container.  I had to melt the wax for about 4 minutes in the microwave to really get it to melt.  Also, I would recommend using something like a paper cup to melt the wax in.  That way you can squeeze the cup into a funnel and just pour it that way.  My way involved rolling up one of those plastic cutting boards into a funnel and having my husband hold it in place while I poured scalding wax into it.  Probably not the best (or tidiest) option.

To make labels I used the leftover wax and colored almost all of a 2 x 4 inch mailing label the same color as the crayon.  I then cut out a piece of clear contact paper (you could also use packing tape) and wrapped it around the glue stick.

Yay!  Roll-up crayons. Now to find some more glue sticks.....


  1. My roommate just made muffin-tin crayons with the leftover bits from her preschool storytime. This is even cooler!

  2. Fun idea! I so needed that in my classroom - we had empty glue sticks daily!

  3. I teach Preschool and tend to save everything! Thanks for the fabulous idea for my 20ish empty glue stick containers!!