Thursday, April 12, 2012

Man in the Yellow Hat Costume

My wonderful husband was willing (read: didn't run screaming from the house) to dress up as the Man In the Yellow Hat for the kids birthday party.  He's really is a good sport. :-)

I think it's a pretty good likeness - I wasn't able to find the right boots though.

The clothes were easy.  We just picked up a white shirt and a pair of khaki pants from the thrift store and Rit dyed them yellow in the washing machine.  It was my first attempt at dying anything and I was amazed at how easy it was.

Now, you can spend $50 on Amazon for what reviewers say is a terrible hat, or you can make one!  I wasn't exactly sure how to go about doing it but it worked out.

What you need to make the hat and tie:

  • a hat to build around
  • yellow felt (I bought a yard and it was way too much)
  • brown felt
  • brown ribbon (or just use strips of the brown felt)
  • glue gun
  • some sort of filling material (see below)
  • safety pins
The Hat

Find a hat with a brim that you can use as a base.  My husband has this one lying around just to annoy me so I'm glad we could use it for something. (I'm kidding honey, it's a fantastic hat, honest.)

Cut two circles out of the felt that are about an inch wider in diameter than the hat brim.Cut an X in the middle of each circle.

Place the hat on top of on of the circles.

Lay the other circle on top of the hat and hot glue the circles together around the outside of the brim.  Cut the X big enough (you can add more cuts) to allow a head to go where it should and to allow the hat to come up through as well.

Now, you can use anything to stuff the top of the hat.  I recommend some sort of packaging material that will hold it's own shape.  Like these air pockets or bubble wrap.  Roll enough into a cylinder and place on the top of the hat in the hole in the felt.

Cut a piece of felt abut the right size to wrap the plastic filling.  I removed the plastic here so you could see what I was doing. It also really helps to do this while it's on someone's head.  Hot glue the piece of felt around the inside of the hat's brim.  Trim to fit and glue up the seam.

Now, since my dear hubby is much taller than the children I wasn't too worried about this part.  You can probably make this look better if you're concerned about what the hat looks like from the top.  Fold the remaining amount of felt over the top of the plastic and hold with lots and lots of hot glue.

Hot glue the ribbon over the seam.  You can also use strips of brown felt if you prefer.

Let your little one wear it around the house. :-)

The Tie

Cut a piece of felt the size you want the the tie to be. Make sure you have enough of a strap to go under the collar so you can safety pin it in place.

Cut a piece of felt the same shape as the knot would be and hot glue on top.

Cut out circles from the brown felt and hot glue on the tie.

Safety pin the tie in place when it's time to wear it.

Thank your victim, I mean model, for being so nice. :-)


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  1. Love it! Such a great idea. Wes would be the one running out the door though. Lol!