Monday, April 23, 2012

Poster Size Characters

I enjoy theme birthday parties.   One of my favorite parts is the decorating.  Since my kids are little, two of our most recent parties have been Curious George and Winnie the Pooh.

Now, since licensed decorations are expensive I came up with a way to recreate large format characters.  They can be used to hang on windows, walls, etc.

As a side note - these also make great bedroom decorations.  We had Pooh up on the kids' room for a year!

We played "pin the tail on the donkey" with this one - just make extra tails

Kaylee turns 2!

The first step is figuring out what character you want to make, and then what size you want to make it.  In the pictures above, Pooh's head and arm were from one piece of poster board, his shirt and balloon another, and his bottom half another.  Eeyore was just from one piece of blue/grey board.  George, below, was from one piece of white board I had to color brown.  (Not a huge fan of the coloring method)

So, because I was using multiple pieces of board for Pooh, he was able to be bigger than Eeyore or George.

Next, find the picture you want to copy.  Google image search is what I use for this.  It doesn't have to be a good quality picture, just one you can get an outline of.

I then make a page the size of the poster board in MS Publisher.  Paste the picture in there and size up until the part of the picture you want on the poster board fills the large sheet.  Then print it.  You'll get probably 9-12 pieces of paper from this.

Tape the pages together to make the character.  Then cut the character out along the outside lines and place on the board.

With pencil, trace the outside of the character onto the poster board.

Now, this next part feels a little weird but just go with it. :-)  Cut out the parts of the character that have lines around them.  Ex. the hands, face, etc.

Trace those parts onto the larger character.  Chop away, the more you cut the more exact your tracing will be.  Feel free to cut along inner lines too, for example, cut down the fingers here and just trace inside each one.

Do this until you have the character completely copied.

Now, if you're going to color it in you can outline the whole thing in marker.  On the Pooh and Eeyore ones above, I just used black marker on the inside lines where there was no color change.

If you have to color it, do that before you cut it out.

Cut out and decorate!

As you can see, the marker gives a little more texture than I'd like.

Party on!


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